year of the arts


The arts integrated into classes around campus


Live Music Venue

The WhySound stage & studio are located directly in the center of Logan's most vibrant district alongside Cache Valley's most exciting local businesses. The goal and mission of WhySound is to be an ever-improving venue and help make Logan a must-visit for prominent acts who want to play for great crowds. For a list of their upcoming events, to schedule a recording session, or to book a show, check them out at


Poetry and a Beverage

Poetry and a Beverage, Commonly referred to as PoBev, is an open mic evening where USU students can go to take in poetry, music and a beverage. It is a collective of those forms of art and is free for everyone. Poetry is but one thing Utah State University students bring to the list of talents on display at the Poetry and a Beverage event. For more information, or to sign up to perform visit


All Ages Poetry Slam Competition

WhySlam is Logan's all ages slam poetry competition. The event was founded in the summer of 2015 has since been operated on a monthly basis. Since the beginning, WhySlam has called the Whysound venue its home. WhySlam is dedicated to cultivating local art and fostering culture for the enrichment of everyone. They provide a chance for artists of all styles and ages to express themselves and perform their work. They believe that language is a vital and powerful tool and are proud to provide a space that allows the word to be spoken freely and passionately. Check out their webpage for more information:

Sink Hollow

Online Journal

Established by students and faculty at Utah State University, Sink Hollow is an online journal that offers undergraduate writers and artists an opportunity for recognition and publication. They showcase pieces that light fires strong enough to survive a freeze.
The site of a meteorological anomaly imparts its name to this journal. The sinkholes within the Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Logan Canyon produce the coldest temperatures in Utah. The bottom of the sinks never goes more than four days without a freeze, even in midsummer. It is so cold, trees do not grow there.
Their call for submissions asks for “works that call back, that echo, that stun, that sink inside us and stay. Give us your words, your art, your brain, and your tongue and we’ll give your piece a place to call home.” Check them out.