year of the arts


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HONR 1330 (BCA)

Social Engagement in the Arts

Taught by Professor Dennise Gackstetter, this class explores how inspired and motivated individuals can do incredible and creative things to help transform the lives of others and learn about people who have changed the world through a variety of socially engaged art forms and events. A study of their motivations and inspirations, it attempts to discover how they harnessed their strengths for the common good.
Students will also develop their own abilities to envision and propose creative ways of shaping the world. During each class, a new mindful meditation or creative thinking technique is taught and practiced through out the week. These techniques strengthen the ability to encounter challenges and to find innovative ways of approaching them.

Each student also has the opportunity to research and present their findings on an artist or group of artists. These presentations are unique to each student, depending on how they have been inspired by the artist and their own research. The students work collaboratively with a small group of peers to envision and propose an artwork, performance, or event that addresses an issue of social importance.

HONR 1330

Musical Rhythm in Our Minds and in Our Bodies

This class gives students the opportunity to explore music on a deeper level, to learn about music they may have never thought about before, and maybe even fundamentally change how they understand learning and knowledge. It explores what musical rhythm is, how our minds represent it, and how it affects our bodies, using examples from all kinds of music from 14th-century courtly love songs to electronic dance music and rap.
Most of the course is spent pursuing big questions that could be answered many different ways. For example, is it counterproductive to write down music from an oral tradition? Is it ok to use Western terminology to understand African music? What is “flow” in rap, and what makes it good or bad? Students form research teams to investigate these questions, and there will be no single right answer.

New PE Classes

New Dance & Theatre Live Performances

This class explores the collaborative processes inherent to the creation of New Dance & Theatre Live Performances to address current societal issues and challenges.

Via exploration and improvisation led exercises specific to Hatha Yoga, the Michael Chekhov Technique and Releasing techniques, it explores the concepts of Presence and Awareness and the importance of community building skills via shared work.

This is a class that involves collaborations both among faculty in their teaching, and among students in their learning: to share a learning process, to put collaboration at the forefront of human inter action by promoting the ‘internalization of tools’ in regards to identity and role in society.

The class is Led by Camille Litalien and Peter Francyk, both faculty in the Yoga Studies program at USU. They share a common interest in Somatic inquiry and have both extensive performing experience as professional dancers. The diversity of their experiences deeply inform their interest in developing a collaborative teaching pedagogy.